Big News!

⏰ December 7, 2021

🥳 Big News!

We're happy to announce $6.25M in seed funding. We're thankful to be supported by an investor group with particularly relevant operational experience at Snap, Yelp, Facebook, and other awesome consumer brands. This investment will help us continue to grow our team and keep making Yik Yak better and better for everyone!

💭 You've been asking...

More than anything else (other than when Android is coming out 🙈), you've asked to hear the story behind why and how we brought Yik Yak back.

The members of our team are longtime fans of Yik Yak. We're super users from the original Yik Yak lifecycle. We've dreamed of the day when Yik Yak would return, and then amazingly we were fortunate enough to become part of the story and make it happen.

In February (2021), our refounding team closed a deal to purchase the brand rights to Yik Yak. After months of hard work, we re-released Yik Yak on August 16, 2021.

Since August, millions of people are using Yik Yak to connect with the people around them. And we're just getting started.

⛳️ What's important to us

We brought Yik Yak back because we believe the global community deserves a place to be authentic, a place to be equal, and a place to connect with people nearby.

🛸 What the future looks like

When you think local, you think Yik Yak - that's our goal. We want to be the world's dominant mode of local communication. We're working hard to make Yik Yak more engaging, more fun, and more accessible to users in different countries and with different device types.

So there's no confusion, we think protecting social anonymity is important too.

We've got a litany of fun new features planned. New ways to connect, new media types, new conversations to be had — stay on the lookout :)

🤝 Want to join our team?

Since August, we've added moderators, engineers, marketers, product managers, and support specialists to our team.

If working with with us makes you excited, check out our careers page or DM us.

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