Mental Health Resources

Mental Health Resources

We love Yik Yak, and we love you. Yik Yak is a catalyst for honest conversations. Our hope -- our mental health mission -- is that honesty on Yik Yak continues to promote the normalization of human beings sharing their struggles with mental illness. If you or someone in your herd are suffering, these Mental Health Resources are for you.

🧐 What should I do if I feel hopeless and helpless?

We understand that there are times where each person needs to be known by name and loved individually. We encourage yakkers to develop in-person relationships with a trusted friend, parent, mentor or confidant where you can be known and cared for. We believe that authentic relationships make this world a better place. If you find yourself in a helpless or hopeless place and need to talk to someone now, text "START" to 741-741 or call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) to speak to a professional (not affiliated with Yik Yak). If you find yourself anxious or sad, we also encourage you to pursue a local therapist at

💭 What can I do if I see bullying on Yik Yak?

If you see someone bullying another person or making a threat, please immediately downvote and report the yak message. Yaks that reach -5 total upvote points are instantly removed from the feed. When you report a yak, our team reviews it as soon as possible and takes action when necessary. We trust our community will help make Yik Yak a constructive venue for free and productive speech. Play by the rules and you’re free to express yourself however you like.

🤔 What should I do if I see a user threatening self-harm on Yik Yak?

If another user indicates that they are in physical danger as a result of self-harm, please contact local authorities. After that, please report the yak so that our team can be made aware. We value our herds and the yakkers that make them unique and wonderful, and we want every member of every herd to feel welcome, connected, and safe. Be sure to go to for conversation tools and tips that can help you help those in need.

We take references to suicide, self-injury and eating disorders seriously. Any yaks glorifying, encouraging, or trivializing these issues will be deleted.

🤗 Resources

If you are concerned but don’t think there is a threat of immediate physical harm, you might extend a helping hand by responding to the user. Some suggestions from the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline include showing the person that you are interested, willing to listen, non-judgmental, and available to provide support. You may also want to point the person to the Lifeline's website, where they can find resources and ways to call or chat confidentially with a trained crisis counselor, at

Here are some additional organizations that offer resources for you and the user you want to help:

Note: Yik Yak does not allow phone numbers in local feeds, so it is always best to point a user to a website address from the list above, where they can find resources including phone, text, or online chat options.

🪣 Other Resources

Here are some additional sites that you may find helpful as you, or your friends or family, engage with social media:

🧘‍♀️ Mindfulness

While you're spending time on Yik Yak, we think it is important to be mindful! Research shows that the impact of focusing on mindfulness can greatly impact your mental health through stress reduction and even the stabilization of mild and moderate depression and anxiety. Below are a few tips on being mindful on Yik Yak:

  • Stay engaged in the present. Don’t just scroll, interact!
  • Get off Yik Yak if it is not fun. Be intentional to enjoy your time on Yik Yak!
  • Don’t worry or focus on getting a certain number of upvotes.
  • Post positive content or things that are helpful.
  • Don't engage with haters or those that are clearly out for trouble.
  • Use your power to downvote, mute, or flag posts if they are offensive to you.
  • Try not to take it personally when your post receives downvotes or criticism.
  • Be patient and gracious to yourself and others. Don't judge!
  • Remember that Yik Yak is just an app. Don't jump to conclusions about your life or others based on posts.
  • Take a break for 15 minutes, 2 days or whatever is best for you. Stay present in your world. Don't spend all your best time on social media.

For more information on being mindful, go to

Note: These resources are provided for informational purposes only and are not intended to constitute professional, spiritual, legal, or medical advice. While we believe the information to be accurate and up-to-date, we cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of the information. We urge you to contact your local authorities or professional service provider with respect to your particular circumstances.

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